posted 2 Jun 2015, 15:01 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 2 Jun 2015, 15:03 ]


GAELS 2.13


Observers felt that this game might be competitive enough, and that proved to be the case at Belcoo this evening. Ultimately the Gaels had a bit of scoring power in good bursts, and made their good spells count. Derrygonnelly played well and did a lot of the right things, but the scores didn’t come with the same fluency, and spells of dominance weren’t quite as fruitful.

The Harps were first on the scoreboard when Darragh Burke made his way upfield for a good point towards Lough MacNean, Caoilte Hamill replied for the Gaels, before Conor McGovern worked his way in for a lovely score from the left. The Harps had a few more chances during this period, but didn’t manage to register again and then the Gaels had a good spell, in which they had a lot of possession. Conor Love banged over the first of a number of scores on the left peg from mid range. He had three more, plus one apiece for Fergal Quinn and Hamill again. Derrygonnelly had been close to a score on a few occasions before Rian McGovern had a close range goal in the 25th minute. Crucially, Love had a razor sharp goal at the other end almost immediately, before Micheal Glynn had a nice point for the Harps in the 28th minute.

The Gaels burst into the second half with two points from Josh Horan and a Caoilte Hamill goal before Conor Love was on the scoreboard again in the sixth minute. The Harps were to shade the next 15-20 minutes of the game, but couldn’t manage to convert that into a run of scores. Rian McGovern had a penalty in the 8th minute and two points in the 14th and 17th, before Cian Corrigan had a good finish in the 23rd minute when he got on the end of a Darragh Burke centre. The margin was back down, but it would have taken another goal or a volley of scores to really rock the Gaels, and that didn’t happen despite a lot of great efforts. So Love and James O’Donnell had a few scores to see the Gaels home. Both ‘keepers, Lee Skuce and Feidhlim O’Connor, had plenty of work to do, and were up to the task throughout the final quarter in particular.

From the Harps point of view, there was no shame here at all. They were very competitive and played some good football. They will regret that they became a bit disjointed and turned over some possession when they were going well in the second half with a few kicks to the extra defender. However, they worked the ball out very well on a number of occasions, they showed a good appetite to work hard and keep their opponent under pressure and they can be confident that they’ll get a real rattle at a title in the future. Even if they don’t, they are developing all the time. Rian McGovern had an outstanding match this evening, and whilst the Gaels’ Conor Love had a fine performance it was also the case that our full back Ronan McHugh did a Trojan amount of good strong work. Ronan is coming on all the time. Darragh Burke, Ronan McGovern and Leigh Greene worked well throughout, whilst Conor McGovern is a young player who plays with his head up and looks to create something all the time. There were lots of other bits and bobs and guys who played well in other league games to suggest that this group have a bright future  if they keep at it with the right attitude. The Gaels had a number of very good performances, with Jack Tierney Barrai O’Keefe and Josh Horan players who mightn’t get the same headlines as Conor Love or Fergal Quinn, but are very effective. Caoilte Hamill, Jordan Deery and  James O’Donnell are the kind of players who will always be up for the challenge as well. Fair play to them.

But the Harps should be up for the challenge of taking them down!   

Lee Skuce, Aaron Jones, Ronan McHugh, Niall Maguire, Robert Grannell, Gareth McGovern, Darragh Burke, Rian McGovern, Leigh Greene, Micheal Glynn, Ronan McGovern, Conor McGovern, Jonathan Duffy, Brandon Curry, Cian Corrigan. Rhys Campbell, Conor Burns, Owen Smyth, Brian McKenna, Jarlath Flanagan, Oisin Harbinson.