Boho win thrilling Junior Championship Final 1965


Fermanagh Herald Report.


"The Fermanagh Junior Championship final at lrvinestown on Sunday will live long in the memory of all who saw it as an at all times thrilling and entertaining game provided a grand climax to end a memorable hour.

Boho, trying for their second year, succeeded in getting the odd point in twenty five to capture the championship trophy from Derrylin.

John Quinn was early in with a high ball which goalie Drumm punched clear for a fifty. Leonard's. kick was well cleared by T Maguire. T Maguire was getting through at the other end when fouled. Shay Murphy kicked hard into a bunch of defenders.. The ball went out left to G Harron and his pass to Shay Gunn was booted to Murphy who drew first blood in the fifth minute from forty yards. Boho fought back and T Corrigan was feeding in from the right when fouled. Quinn was deadly accurate from the freefor the 8th minute equaliser.

Quinn, from forty yards, sent in a lovely ball. Drumm, Derrylin goalie, saved competently under the crossbar. Gunn and Murray at the other end were going forward promisingly but both lost the ball through clumsy bouncing. Harron and Murray were both on the attack too, with Murray wide from close in. Boho edged forward again with a Quinn free in the 9th minute. Derrylin fought back with a free which Shay Gunn booted over in the 10th minute from forty yards to equalize.

These were two well matched teams producing good solid football. Boho’s fullforward was going through when fouled and Quinn's deadly boot put his side a point ahead in the 11th

minute. Two minutes later, with Boho pressure continuing, Quinn had another point. The Derrylin posts had a narrow escape before Quinn lobbed across a lovely point to make it five in a row and give Boho a three point lead.

Derrylin really came into the picture for the first time in ten minutes when they launched an attack on the Boho posts, ending with Murray taking a lovely point from the left wing in the 23rd minute, but Boho restored the three points lead at the 25' when Quinn pointed from 14 yards for his sixth successive score after being fouled going in. Another was to follow when Quinn shot a point from a free in the 27th minute.

It looked as if Boho were in for a substantial victory when Gerry Gilheaney kicked a lovely point from the left wing to give his side a five point lead, the highest they managed in the game. Murray was then fouled for Derrylin and Shay Gunn took a lovely kick which shaved the crossbar and went over for a point which might easily have been a goal. The interval came with Boho leading by four points, 0-8 to 0-4.

The second minute had just gone when the irrepressible Quinn, taking a nice pass from Mc Grath, scored his eighth point and h is side's ninth. But Derrylin were far from beaten.

They launched a whole series of attacks which produced a point from a close in free by S Murphy in the fifth minute. Two minutes later, J Murray followed it with another, and when Shay Gunn with a free from 30 yards on the right, had another point in the 8th

minute, Derrylin were well back in the picture with the lead whittled down to a mere two

points. Boho reacted strongly, attacking from the right and left, and Gilheaney put a nice pass to centre to Quinn, whose deadly boot put the ball neatly over the centre of the

crossbar for a point that might well have been a goal. They were back in a four point lead.  The third quarter was closing when Derrylin settled down again to the task of dealing with the lighter, livelier Boho side. There was a grim determination about their effort, for time was advancing. In the fifteenth minute, Murray got possession near the centre, soloed in and blazed over the bar for a point with an open goal in front of him. "That could have

been the match winner," said a neutral observer. As it happened he was right.That point, had it been a goal, would have won it for Derrylin. Boho were still three points in the clear when Gunn pointed from a free in the 17th minute amid continued Derrylin pressure. Derrylin were at it in earnest and Boho reeled before this Derrylin drive. In the 19th minute, Shay Gunn was through for a point and again from a free, he had the scores level at eleven points each. Then, for the first time since the first score, Derrylin went into the lead again with a lovely point from G Harron.

Boho were shaken. They attacked with great fervour for five minutes and it must have nearly broken Boho hearts, held up with such promise till now, to see chance after chance squandered by forwards who had suddenly lost their shooting boots. Even the immaculate Quinn was not faultless now. After missing from forty yards, he missed from twenty five. Irvinestown heard a real Boho cheer at last when, at last, Quinn the deadly, got back to form. A lovely point from play again put them on equal terms. Excitement was running high. Both teams tried desperately to get through. Both had their chances and missed.

Then, with time petering out, it remained for Gerry Gilheaney to cap gloriously their great struggle with a lovelv point. A minute remained and Derrylin tried hard to get on terms again, but their efforts were cut short by the long whistle and Boho emerged champions by the narrowest of margins.

Mr JJ Mc Elholm, County Chairman, presented the cup to the winning captain Francis Rasdale.


BOHO - Aidan Miller, Joey Gilleece, Francis Rasdale, Joe Mc Grath, Tom Mc Grath, Brendan Leonard, Pat Mc Gurn, Tom Corrigan, John Quinn, Paddy Corrigan, Colm Mc Guinness, Vincy Leonard, Gerry Gilheaney. ,Subs - Joe Convey replaced Tom Mc Grath (injured), Patsy Maguire, Pat Burns.

DERRYLIN-J Drumm, E McBrien, S Murray, T Jackson, T Gunn, J Maguire, O Mc Cann, S Gunn, T Maguire, G Harron, S Murphy, J Murray, P Drumm