1959 Senior League Division 1 Final

1959 Senior League Division One Final. (The club’s first Senior Trophy.)

Fermanagh Herald, September 17th 1960 (!!)

Derrygonnelly 2-4

Aghadrumsee 0-3

“For three-quarters of a dour hour it appeared that Derrygonnelly were once again to fall back while poised on the brink of victory, but in the last quarter they awakened and registered their first success in senior circles when they wrested the 1959 league cup from an aggressive never say die Aghadrumsee side.” The report also comments that, “Derrygonnelly were a good side, from goalie Elliott, who made a number of good saves, to Louis Mc Gullion at centrefield.” The forwards came in for plenty of criticism for their “lack of combination” and “..attempting to go through a stone-wall defence with ball on toe.”  However, “In the last quarter they got their range and combined well for the scores that won them the title.”

“The Derrygonnelly half-back line of Vincie and Ray Dundas and Vincie Mc Shea was the best line afield, with strong red haired Ray Dundas nothing short of brilliant. A combination of rugged tackling, precision fielding and long accurate clearances left these three men very difficult to pass, as the Aghadrumsee attackers found to their cost. By the time they found that the best policy was to play over this line it was too late to affect the trend of the scores.

The game was played at a headlong pace throughout and if there were times when the football might have been of a higher order, the excitement and tension made up for this with play swaying from end to end and every minute with its tale of what might have been and what was.

The Play.

Enda Crudden rose head and shoulders above all in the throw-in melee and sent in a ball downfield which Dundas cleared. An early point from Hugh Kelly out on the right  put Aghadrumsee ahead and there was some loose play at midfield before Louis Mc Gullion sent his side into an attack but Eamon Flanagan wided, the same player raced through alone in the 5th minute for a point to equalise. Aghadrumsee went ahead again ten minutes later….the ball came to the centre-forward who was fouled and Enda Crudden drove over the bar.

Derrygonnelly came back with a will and brought the ball all the way upfield to Fonsie Maguire who drove over a nice point to again equalize. This was the nicest movement of the entire game and not a player on the opposing team touched the ball until the goalie placed it for the kickout after the score.

Seamus Crudden retired in the 18th minute with a twisted knee. Derrygonnelly had a long string of wides from play and frees. Play continued on an even basis until half-time.

Derrygonnelly made some changes at half time, with the injured John Smyth retiring and being replaced by Dudley Marjoram. Liam Elliott was replaced by Frank Gaffney. Derrygonnelly opened slightly better than their opponents and in the 34th minute, Eamon Flanagan  sent over a point from a goalmouth melee. At the other end, Elliott was tested by Quinn but cleared. Fonsie Maguire wided. Aghadrumsee levelled matters when Hugh Kelly sent over a close in free conceded by the Derrygonnelly backs after a prolonged period of pressure.

Play became very fast and furious and Aghadrumsee seemed to get slightly on top,…but the efforts of the Dundas brothers and Mc Shea cleared the low passes and sent the ball upfield again.

Then came the Derrygonnelly revival. Lou Mc Gullion won a tussle for a ball at midfield and Vincie Mc Shea nipped up and shot into the square. Backs and forwards clashed but Gaffney of Derrygonnelly got his boot to it. When the dust cleared, Tommy Flanagan had the ball in the back of the net.

Sean Gallagher, playing a very hard-trying game, carried ball after ball into the forwards, but good backing held off the Derrygonnelly men, with Carey of Aghadrumsee very prominent at this stage. Aghadrumsee were tiring at this stage, however, and the Derrygonnelly pressure began to increase. Liam Mc Mahon was here there and everywhere, trying to stem the flow of attacks, but in spite of his efforts, Tommy Flanagan grabbed a a perfect pass from Maguire in the 24th minute and made no mistake to bang it past goalie Jimmy Quinn.

In the closing minutes, Derrygonnelly had the winning stamp on them. Paddy Flanagan pointed and although Aghadrumsee tried until the very end, it was Derrygonnelly who had the last score with a point by Fonsie Maguire.

The whistle was in the very capable hands of Tony Mc Grath of Pettigo who handled the game in a most efficient and cool manner.”

The report did not supply lineouts, although they had been printed in the match preview of September 3rd as follows:

Aghadrumsee – Jimmy Quinn, Seamus Crudden, Ben Carey, Sean Boyle, Hugh Maguire, Liam Mc Mahon, Tommy Beggan, Enda Crudden, Jimmy Mc Caffrey, JJ Maguire, Ben Quinn, Francie Carolan, John Quinn, John Mohan and Hugh Kelly.

Derrygonnelly – Tony Elliott, John Smyth, Hugh Flanagan, Ernie Ellis, Vincie Dundas, Ray Dundas, Vincie Mc Shea, Joe Smyth, Louis Mc Gullion, Sean Gallagher, Fonsie Maguire, Eamon Flanagan, Liam Elliott, Tommy Flanagan, Paddy Flanagan. Subs used – Frank Gaffney and Dudley Marjoram. Other players whose names crop up in match reports for the year include Dot Corrigan, Tommy Moohan, Ignatius Mc Loughlin and Seamus Meehan.