posted 8 Sep 2017, 15:12 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 8 Sep 2017, 15:16 ]




It’s hard to know what to make of this game. At the end most Harps fans felt deflated, yet also relieved. For they could most definitely be out of the championship. But they’re not.

This was a game characterised by what seemed like a very high amount of turnovers, and an inordinately high amount of frees for overcarrying or handling the ball on the ground. Maybe those things reflect the very high levels of workrate, covering, tackling, etc etc. With bad conditions the game was never going to be particularly fluid or open. There were a few snatches of quality play, but not many. In fairness a few of the Harps points were well worked and taken.

Roslea started pretty well, Seamus Quigley scored well to end a move from the throw-up. Not long afterwards his brother Sean Quigley had a point from a free, before Mickey Jones bombed up to get on the end of a Wardy offload, before Conor Quigley made one of his trademark runs to make it 0-3 to 0-1.  Garvan Jones grabbed two quality points from play, as the Harps had a good spell, and this swing saw Garry McKenna set up Leigh Jones from play, and then Deccy Cass swung over from the right wing to make it 0-5 to 0-3. Dermy Reilly had got the road with a black card for tripping Wardy, and Moffett and Niall Cassidy had a thundering collision which saw both men down, but both got back up too. A lot of possession for the Harps as the half wore on, a feeling that they should have had a point or two more.

After a close shave for Roslea when Stephen McGullion got on the end of a high ball, Sean Quigley had a free to get them moving in the second half, but in truth Derrygonnelly had a good stranglehold on things for the next while. However the tension of the thing seemed to make us a bit hesitant. Eventually Deccy Cass had his second point of the night and slowly we moved on through Garvan McGinley and Ryan Jones – well worked scores. Deccy's and Ryan's both off their weaker left feet. After maybe twenty played it was 0-8 to 0-5 as Sean Quigley had a free. With five to play, Keeves had a great score from the right to put the Harps four clear. Marty Renfrew got the road for a straight red offence and no matter what anyone, Roslea supporters included, says, it looked like the Harps would win the game. But……!!!

On about thirty minutes, we were turned over on the way out. A few good passes later, Conor Quigley had a goal! One minute later, Sean had a free to level. Level he did. We were up the field again, but we didn’t manage to manufacture the chance, and we were glad enough to hear the full time whistle in truth. Replay.

A tense, scrappy game. Go again.  Another tenner!