posted 12 Nov 2017, 10:08 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 12 Nov 2017, 10:24 ]

HARPS 0-12


So how did most Harps feel in the few minutes after that game? Exhausted, and yeah, hard not to be a bit deflated. With the best will in the world. What a game. 

Half time, 0-6 to 0-5 up. These games are so different, cagey. Cavan Gaels, dangerous, mobile, stretching us out to the wing, hugging sidelines,  coming in and out, trying to create the opening and bit of space to drive into and clip the point or draw the free. Johnston is floating out the field a bit more than expected, and Dunne is a threat, but we get things sorted, and start asserting ourselves on the game, and becoming more convincing. It’s score for score really. Wardy, from play and frees, Garvan, after the kind of patient ball use that has to happen in Ulster Club games, and Ryan, driving up the field and dropping the ball over off the right boot. We’re doing well on our kickout, and working so damn hard everywhere to support the ball and get the challenge in. Moffatt, Mickey, Eamo all making every challenge, block and ball carry. Conall is proving a handful inside etc etc.

Cavan have a real spell after half time, zipping everywhere, one unreal point on the counter from a Harps 45’ that dropped short shows just how clinical and fast they can be,  and suddenly we’re four down. Deccy manages to get the most important of points to get us going again. And we scrap our way back in. Cavan cop a black card, and a red too. Garvan with a great score, Garry with a free won by Wardy, Wardy with two gut wrenching frees missed, but eventually Conall gets us level with a nerve jangler of a free. Holy Mary Mother of God. Cavan up the field, hit the post! Full time.

Extra time: Ryan Jones, to Garry, great score! Just work, hold ball, Cavan equalize, miss a few. 11 all half time. Early on, Wardy from play, great stuff. Harps work so damn hard, but they level with four to go. Another big chance for us to take it…. aargh! We are still driving after it, when the full time whistle goes.

So if you support any team, what do you want more than anything. Wins? Yeah, but not always gonna happen. Here’s what you want: You want them to do their absolute damndest in every game, to not shirk a tracking back run, a challenge, a block opportunity, a tackle, a turnover, a ball on the ground that you have to get to and get down over it, a support run, a shot, whatever. If you have had a bad miss or maybe two big wides, we need you to front up and show again, and again, and again and win ball when you could easily fold in self pity. We love watching a team that just gives it their all. Well Harps fans got that from every single Harps player today. Every one of them did their level best, bar none.

If we meet any of them this week, be sure to tell them they are absolutely brilliant fellas, every one of them. They are the pride of this parish. They are brave, and they have guts and they are great footballers. They have got to be positive about the next game. They are blazing a trail for this club and who knows where it’ll take them. Let’s get stuck into it again next week lads, on the front foot from the word go. No stepping back. Great stuff.