Harps Do Enough #SFC

posted 25 Aug 2018, 15:19 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 25 Aug 2018, 15:23 ]
Fermanagh Senior Football Quarter Final
Harps 0-12 Roslea 0-6

Played in front of a bumper crowd in Brewster Park this evening, the Harps did enough to get past a dogged Roslea who asked a few questions of the Harps for periods of the game.  For the neutral, it wasn't a classic.  It was cagey and at times a bit fraught.  But a win is a win, and the Harps will just be happy to have crossed the line and move into the semi-finals.

Roslea started brightly, winning an early free some 30 yards out on the right and Sean Quigley pointed to give them an early lead.  Another free was conceded but Quigleys effort sailed wide before Garvan Jones opened our account and then Conall put us ahead with a sweet score after great work from Gary McKenna to turn over the ball.  That was a feature of the first half in particular; a high turnover count for both teams with underfoot conditions slippy.  Garvan pointed another free with ten gone after Leigh Jones did well to hold onto possession and win the free.  Roslea hit two bad wides on the bounce, a difficult free from Quigley and Niall Beggan.  They had plenty of possession and were making life very difficult around the middle of the field, crowding the thing out a bit.  Conall won a free which was on the sideline but was moved in by referee Niall Cullen (a feature he was consistent on tonight in fairness) making it easier for Gary McKenna to pop over.  Roslea pressed again, but a free was missed by Quigley and then a high ball in was well dealt with by Micky, and on the counter attack we won a free which Conall floated over from 45 yards off the ground, quickly followed by a Conall free after Wardy grafted to win the free.  We were 5 up, Roslea had missed quite a few chances, and then Roslea brought on Seamie Quigley 5 minutes before half time and he was called into action straight away to point a free some 45 yards out.  Another free on Sean saw Seamie step up again and suddenly with two minutes til half time it was a three point game.  And then another free.  Seamie points.  Half time 0-6 to 0-4.

The consensus in the stands was that we were giving away needless frees and we were always going to be punished, particularly now that Seamie was on the field.  It was looking a bit dodgy and we looked like we had the handbrake on a bit. Half time came at a good time.

The second half started with Conall hitting a wide followed by a Seamie free going wide.  It was cagey alright, the Harps almost afraid to go at them full tilt and then when they did bomb up the wings a bit, Roslea smothered the attacks with a fair bit of intensity.  Conall won a free which was moved in (again) allowing McKenna to point, with the same combination of Conall graft and McKenna pointing the resulting free to put us four up and give us that cushion.  Roslea probed upfield again but Conor Sherlocks shot went badly wide and things were getting fairly tough-going around the middle.  There were hard hits but nothing you weren't going to expect from a championship game.  Decy Cass revelled in it though, showing composure and control to win the dirty ball and move the ball up the field for Eamo to win a free that wasn't converted.  Then Wardy put a bit of pressure on the kickout, forced the Roslea man to over carry to win a free, but again it went wide.  That kinda summed the thing up a bit; the graft was there but sometimes the finish wasn't.  And look that's just the night it was for both teams.  Roslea had it down to a three point game again following a Seamie free (moved in) and there were many Harps supporters having flashbacks to a three point lead this time last year...  Seamie got on the end of the ball, moved inside but his shot off his left was weak and Jack easily managed the save.  The Harps responded with plenty of possession and pressure.  Garvan missed two but got a great fisted point after Ryan showed great power from the middle of the field.  McKenna pointed a free after Decy Cass done the donkey work, Keeves came on and kinda settled things.  Garvan turned over Niall Cassidy and went through only to blaze her over the bar, and then Garvan pointed a free that Conall won.  It fizzled out then and that was that.
Full time Harps 0-12 Roslea 0-6

It wasn't great fare, but the Harps got the result.  Make no mistake though, the Harps have some improvements to make.  On the basis of tonights performance, Devenish will feel they can get a good shot at us.  The lads will have to put this game to bed, get the heads down now and put a serious effort into preparing for Devenish in a fortnights time.