posted 15 Apr 2017, 13:34 by Derrygonnelly Harps
Our three adult teams were on the field picking up five points out of six over the last 24 hours, finishing with the seniors picking up a good win at Skea. Here's a rundown in match order.

Junior B's 1-9 Aghadrumsee 0-6.
The wind was the key here, and Aghadrumsee didn't make near enough of it on Friday night. They were 0-6 to 0-4 up at half time, having kicked a couple of beauts, but the Harps had done well to pick off a few points from Killian Jones, Gerry Meehan and John Murf. At the back, Ciaran Dundas and Ricky Thompson, plus Sean Anthony Keaney, kept things good an tight, forcing bad wides and turnovers. The goal for the Hars came from Damien Dundas, who got on the end of a good ball over the top from Brian Hoy and finished quickly from close range before the Aghadrumsee defenders/'keeper could close it down. After that, John Murf knocked over a fifty, Barry Gallagher pushed up, and we were in charge generally. Our best players were Bull, Baz, The Reverend Gerry, and Big Bad. Aghadrumsee's was Domhnall Boyle, with Joe McCabe doin his bit as well. 

Skea 3-6 Junior As 2-9
It looked like Skea might nick this one with a goal on full time, but for Jonny to stroke over a free from behind the fifty to level it in injury time (Ahh, Jonny..) and Stephen Gilroy unlucky off the outside of the post after that. We had first half goals from Nathan Jones and Nige Jones, plus frees from Jonny, a good Garry McKenna score and two Nige points as well.  We ran out of diesel in key areas in the second half, and didn't give our backs enough cover, so Skea worked their way back into things steadily before the dramatic conclusion. Best for the Harps: Stevie Jones, Bruce. Best for Skea: Garvan McManus and their wee Number 13. 

Skea 0-14

Harps Seniors 4-15

This was an open game. The fact that the teams racked up such decent score totals tells the story. If you were in possession and used it good and quick and supported the ball well, you were in. Virtually every time.

If you gave it away, you were going to be punished. The Harps gave it away a bit, but their opponents gave it away inexplicably at times. So they conceded a lot, and could have conceded more in truth.

The half time score was 1-10 to 0-7, with the Harps generally a few points ahead, having had a great start as Stephen McGullion scored a good flicked goal in our first attack (kinda summed up the way it would be all day really). Thereafter, the teams traded points for a while, with Skea looking sharp on the attack, Chris McCabe was especially sharp and involved, while Cecil knocked over the frees. Wardy had 0-5 in the first half, running at his man, Leigh and Keeves had two apiece, and Stephen knocked over a point as well. Skea had brought it down to two, and then a four point burst before half time knocked them back a bit.  

Second half started with a Garvan Jones point, Niall McElroy replied, and then Keeves had a goal in the 5th minute to leave things uphill for our opponents. Nonetheless, Garbhan McManus scampered through for two points, they missed a peno, and scored regularly enough through Nial McElroy, Cecil and Niall Keenan. Mark Little used to drop deep and carry the ball, link it upfield a bit etc.

But the Harps were stronger on the attack, so Garvan, two goals from Stephen McGullion, and a Wardy point here and there saw this game canter to a conclusion, neither team having really put a hand on each other. Handshakes all round at the end.

The Harps have four points now, and will hope to build momentum and improve some aspects of what are already reasonable performance levels. Best players: Lee Jones, Daly, Leigh Jones, Wardy and big Mug. (His 3-1 performance today reminds me of the Man Utd fan who used to moan about Andy Cole, and say “Sure all he does is score goals. Errrr....).

Skea will know that there are key games ahead for them, but they had plenty of ball, and looked lively enough going forward. Most 0-14 performances get a win, but they turned over a lot, and maybe could have tried to block up the tramlines through their defence more effectively. Best players: Big Tom Clarke undder the kickouts, Chris McCabe, Garbhan McManus and Shane O’Hara.