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Harps Notes 20th Nov 2017

posted 20 Nov 2017, 02:59 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto jackpot, now £3000, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 6, 20, 24 and 28. £20 each went to Debbie Sherry, Derrygonnelly, Joseph Maguire, Derrylin and Madge McGovern, Teemore. We are in Old Pals this Sunday night with Garry, Mary and the two Kevins on the controls.

What a big weekend it was for our club, as we went up against Crossmaglen and Cavan Gaels in our Ulster Club semi finals. At the end of it all, the season is over for these groups, but our pride as a club in the achievements of both teams this year is as strong as ever. The effort, determination and skill of the teams was outstanding, and they surely gave us all a great journey. They deserve every praise, as do their managers and backup teams. Thank you also for the great support at the two matches, from Derrygonnelly Harps people and also other clubs in the county.

Our Under 21s will be back in action this weekend, and details of fixtures will be available via our online output.

Our club has a big youth presentation night planned for Saturday night, December the 2nd, starting at 5pm. We invite all Harps underage footballers, boys and girls, plus their parents, to this event, for which we have a number of really interesting special guest lined up. There will be medals for our victorious boys and girls teams, plus momentoes of the season for all our players.

Our AGM will take place on Thursday night, December 7th in the clubrooms.

Good luck to St Michael's College Rannafast Cup team in their final this weekend against either St Pat's Cavan or St Colman's Newry. There is a very healthy representation of our lads on the panel, and that is great to see.

Good luck also to Belnaleck GFC in their Ulster Final against Naomh Colmcille of Donegal this Saturday night. All the best lads, go for it!


posted 19 Nov 2017, 10:13 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 19 Nov 2017, 11:10 ]

Ulster Club Semi Replay: Harps 2-15 Cavan Gaels 5-7. 

So how could anyone possibly pull together their thoughts on a game like that?!?

The most gut wrenching defeat this club has suffered that I can remember. No game we’ve played in championship football has ever been like today against Cavan Gaels.

Every single Derrygonnelly Harps supporter is sick to the bottom of their boots after that. Sport is brilliant, it is the best release for people. But it can be very cruel.

Our fantastic set of footballers absolutely came out and took this replay by the throat. Front foot stuff, and brilliant football as well. Yet by half time we were 3-5 to 1-8 down despite owning the half 60-40!! We had placed ourselves 1-5 to 0-4 up, Wardy had a good sharp goal on twenty, Keebs had a lovely score, Deccy grabbed one, Wardy had one, Mickey and Gary McKenna were on the scoresheet. But the final five or so minutes were sobering stuff, Paul O’Connor on the end of two high balls for two goals, and Seanie Johnston plundering another. We were glad of two scores from Ryan Jones and Gary McKenna from play, to get back into it. A massive spell from them, but not terminal for us.

Moments into the second half, we’re 4-5 to 1-8 down and Peggy is being stretchered off (A bit of real life for us all there). But there would be no lying down from the Harps. Fair play to Gary McKenna, who nails two frees, to get us back in touch, that lad’s progression over the last few months has been top class. Then, an absolute screamer from Conall about the fifteen minute mark, 2-10 to 4-5! They have one on the counter, but the Harps are just flying all over the field, men possessed! Deccy drives up for a score, Wardy levels it on twenty minutes! Unreal! A few minutes of tight stuff, Conall drawing two and three men battering away at him, no free and Johnston grabs another, but there was time. Men laying it on the line everywhere. Eamo, one on one on the edge of the cliff with Martin Dunne driving at him, stalls him, takes her off him, and away we go out the field on the attack, Denis driving at it, Seanie Johnston doesn't know what to make of him. Up steps Keebs, our greatest son, thirty five yards out, slightly to the right, slices her between the uprights!! The greatest, what a role model. If you could clone what that fella has… Up the field they went, clean through, out comes big Jack, wide!!! Up we go, Ryan, the leader, never ducking the responsibility or the hard carry, with a monster, we’re one up!! Gerry Arthur Stand is about to be tossed if we take this. We turn them over, Wardy goes the length of the field, clips it over, no! Ref does him for the overcarry! Still, time to get reset. Up they go, some of their men had never even got back from the last counter attack they’d had. A free, high ball, dropping under the angle of crossbar and post, another loose ball, Barry Fortune, tap in, goal. Oh. My. God. Still no lyin down, free in to us, check with the ref, one more play after it, Gary points it. It’s 2-15 to 5-7, but they win the ball, and it’s a one point loss.

Where would you start? I was wondering on the way home, if you were a neutral at that game, what you’d have made of it. You’d say what a game, best team lost. There’s hope for Gaelic Football yet. There will not be a top level championship match this year better than that one for entertainment. What a contest. What a brilliant game. How you can have as much of a game as we did and not win it I just don’t know.

In fairness, Cavan Gaels won it because they fought til the end. From last week, they improved immensely on our kickout, and also on their own restarts. But jeez, they got every break in the world today.   

For us, nothing but admiration for a mighty set of fellas, every one of them. If you were at that match and had your kids with you, you’d have to say to them, that’s how to go about things: honest, brave, skilful, determined, strong, no lying down, no regrets. They are the pride of this parish, the absolute pride of us all.

I am at home now, and it’s dark outside, but the ball is thumping off the gable of the house, the ball keeps going all the time, there’s always the next game. We have been swimming with the big fishes this last few weeks, at Under 16 and senior, and we are a match for anyone. 

We lick our wounds for a short while, and we go again, no looking back, no stepping back. It’s a long way, but we can do it.        

Harps Notes 13th November 2017

posted 13 Nov 2017, 05:01 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto jackpot, now £2900, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 9, 13, 28 and 30. £20 each went to Caithlin Keogh, Enniskillen, Sadie McGrath, Cashel and Jackie Doogan, Derrygonnelly. We are in the Cosy Bar this Sunday night. Mary Cox, John Ferguson, and Eamonn Greene will be on the controls.

Well, maybe the biggest weekend in our club's history is over, and we're still standing tall! Congratulations to our Under 16s on a fantastic display against Gaoth Dobhair in the Spirit of Paul McGirr Ulster tournament quarter final, showing skill and commitment aplenty to get our first victory in competition at this level. They now meet Crossmaglen in the Ulster Semi-Final. This game is provisionally scheduled for playing on Saturday at 2pm in Dromore.  

Next day, we had a fine effort against Cavan Gaels in the Ulster Senior Club semi final. Our players showed the right mentality, skill levels and character, just missing out on the win as Cavan Gaels grabbed a draw after extra time. So we're back at it again this weekend, on the front foot, looking to keep the journey going.  

The support for both teams was fantastic, and we will need the full mobilisation of Harps people again, plus Fermanagh people, to cheer us on.  It was some weekend for our club, when you look back at it.

The senior match has been rescheduled for Sunday in Clones at 1.45. The Under 16 fixture is slightly provisional at this juncture as well. Therefore, please keep an eye on our online output, and as soon as it is available, details will be circulated.

Fair play also to Belnaleck, what a brilliant time for that club. Good luck to them all in preparing for their Ulster Final. They had to show great character to win their semi on Sunday.

On a different, obviously sadder, note, it was with sadness that Harps members heard of the passing last week of Jim McCann, of Irvinestown, previously Derrygonnelly, who played for the Harps with distinction many decades ago. We also heard of the passing of Joe Duffy, Castletown, and we extend our condolences to both families upon their bereavement.   


posted 12 Nov 2017, 10:08 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 12 Nov 2017, 10:24 ]

HARPS 0-12


So how did most Harps feel in the few minutes after that game? Exhausted, and yeah, hard not to be a bit deflated. With the best will in the world. What a game. 

Half time, 0-6 to 0-5 up. These games are so different, cagey. Cavan Gaels, dangerous, mobile, stretching us out to the wing, hugging sidelines,  coming in and out, trying to create the opening and bit of space to drive into and clip the point or draw the free. Johnston is floating out the field a bit more than expected, and Dunne is a threat, but we get things sorted, and start asserting ourselves on the game, and becoming more convincing. It’s score for score really. Wardy, from play and frees, Garvan, after the kind of patient ball use that has to happen in Ulster Club games, and Ryan, driving up the field and dropping the ball over off the right boot. We’re doing well on our kickout, and working so damn hard everywhere to support the ball and get the challenge in. Moffatt, Mickey, Eamo all making every challenge, block and ball carry. Conall is proving a handful inside etc etc.

Cavan have a real spell after half time, zipping everywhere, one unreal point on the counter from a Harps 45’ that dropped short shows just how clinical and fast they can be,  and suddenly we’re four down. Deccy manages to get the most important of points to get us going again. And we scrap our way back in. Cavan cop a black card, and a red too. Garvan with a great score, Garry with a free won by Wardy, Wardy with two gut wrenching frees missed, but eventually Conall gets us level with a nerve jangler of a free. Holy Mary Mother of God. Cavan up the field, hit the post! Full time.

Extra time: Ryan Jones, to Garry, great score! Just work, hold ball, Cavan equalize, miss a few. 11 all half time. Early on, Wardy from play, great stuff. Harps work so damn hard, but they level with four to go. Another big chance for us to take it…. aargh! We are still driving after it, when the full time whistle goes.

So if you support any team, what do you want more than anything. Wins? Yeah, but not always gonna happen. Here’s what you want: You want them to do their absolute damndest in every game, to not shirk a tracking back run, a challenge, a block opportunity, a tackle, a turnover, a ball on the ground that you have to get to and get down over it, a support run, a shot, whatever. If you have had a bad miss or maybe two big wides, we need you to front up and show again, and again, and again and win ball when you could easily fold in self pity. We love watching a team that just gives it their all. Well Harps fans got that from every single Harps player today. Every one of them did their level best, bar none.

If we meet any of them this week, be sure to tell them they are absolutely brilliant fellas, every one of them. They are the pride of this parish. They are brave, and they have guts and they are great footballers. They have got to be positive about the next game. They are blazing a trail for this club and who knows where it’ll take them. Let’s get stuck into it again next week lads, on the front foot from the word go. No stepping back. Great stuff. 

Harps Notes 6th Nov 2017

posted 6 Nov 2017, 01:34 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto jackpot, now £2800, was not won last Sunday night. The numbers were 10, 21, 25 & 28. £20 each went to Blake Burns, Derrygonnelly, Pat McGinley, Derrygonnelly and Sinead Leonard, Monea. We are in Doogies this Sunday night, with Mary, John and Louise at the controls.

The club’s monthly meeting takes place on Thursday night at 9pm. 

A big weekend for our club at provincial level. Good luck to our Under 16s in the Spirit of Paul McGirr Ulster Quarter-Final against Gaoth Dobhair of Donegal. This game takes place on Saturday at 11.00 in Dromore. On Sunday, our seniors are up against Cavan Gaels in the Ulster Club Championship semi-final in Clones at 2.00. All the best to both squads, and we hope for a good support at these matches. It is definitely appreciated by our players and management groups. Good luck to Belnaleck in their quarter-final as well.

Our Under 21s were out for the first time on Sunday, and were under plenty of pressure against a young Enniskillen Gaels outfit, in fine form. But our lads plugged away, and were certainly not lacking in spirit. We have four more games to play, and can do something in this competition yet.

Please note two dates: our AGM on Sunday December 3rd, and our Youth presentation night, provisionally on Saturday December 2nd.  

Finally, it was with sadness that our membership heard of the passing of Mrs Teresa Corrigan in Belcoo last week. Condolences to her immediate and extended family, many of whom are Harps members and supporters in our area.

Harps Notes 1st Nov 2017

posted 1 Nov 2017, 03:37 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto, now £2700, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 1, 5, 6 & 8. £20 each went to Eddie Gallagher, Monea, Oisin Magee, Garrison and our own Mary Cox, Tonagh. We are in The Linnett Inn this Sunday, with Mary, Gerald Greene and Anthony Murphy pulling the levers.
Ulster Club Championship update; and then there were four, including Derrygonnelly Harps! We had our bit of history on Saturday night against Armagh, and now have to prepare for Cavan Gaels in the semi-final on November 12th. Congratulations to the whole panel, and thanks to everyone for great support on Saturday night.
Our Under 16s have their Spirit of Paul McGirr Ulster quarter final on Saturday 11th against the Donegal champions. We will endeavour to get full details online regarding this fixture when they are known.



posted 28 Oct 2017, 14:08 by Derrygonnelly Harps   [ updated 31 Oct 2017, 05:09 ]

Well, what a big game for our club.

There was a feeling this week, that we would win. A sense that we never really had before the other games. And we won it, deservedly.

2-8 to 1-8, with their goal in the last kick.

We were super efficient in the early stages, with Garry McKenna and Conall Jones clearly troubling the Armagh defence. Big downer for the Harps in the first few minutes as Tiarnan Daly was carried off. What a pity for our big full back, we can only wish him all the best. Nonetheless, moments later, Garry McKenna was hauled down, peno, up stepped Wardy- proper low finish!!

Conall on the loop almost next minute, quality point. Poor kick-out down Conall’s throat, he soloed in and buried it. What a position to be in!

But the intensity in our play didn’t drop one bit, and we had them under pressur eon the ball all over the pitch. A few ropey wides from them, finally a point from their 11 Joe McElroy, and a monster from Conall, a total monster, after Mickey Jones and Ryan Jones combined.

Ultan Lennon had a two step 45’ over the bar for them, and a free, and they were trying to run at us at pace, but it wasn’t really a night for that kind of craic, and Foss and Shane had a few great bits of defending, the kind of stuff that gets little credit but shuts the whole thing down. Then you have Keeves in the middle third, chasing and stopping and working so hard for the team.

Lennon had another free, before Stephen McGullion clipped over a settler for us,, and they had a nice free from freshly introduced sub Gareth Swift. Still, Wardy was fouled on the fifty and Conall smashed it over. He was having that kind of night. 2-4 to 0-4.

Armagh went a bit agricultural for the third quarter, trying the ‘bog it onto the square’ route. I can’t say it was overly successful, although they had one close shave off the post and ping ponged about before being cleared. Peggy had to grab another from under the crossbar. Eventually they flicked a ball from the wing over the bar, but they were beginning to run out of ideas a bit. Conall Jones scored a trademark Conall Jones point. Denis Greene and his man were red carded for wrestling and throwing boxes, according to the umpire, poor oul Denis is such a cracking competitor, and he’ll say he was hardly supposed to lie there and get smacked in the mouth, he clung on to his man and ended up walking off with him – a tough one.

Armagh lost the big fella Swift straight after that on a straight red, to resigned, knowing sighs from Armagh Harps' supporters. Garvan Jones had one for us, they had a point from Ryan McShane, we had one from Conall, and with ten to go, you couldn’t see us losing. 

Garry saw his second yellow to bring the total reds to four. (I know the ref never seemed to truly relax in the game, but three of the cards were following good consultation with his umpires/linesman –fair’s fair, that’s what he’s supposed to do. There was a bit too much ref bashing at times, I thought).

Mark McConville and Conor Murphy from the left saw Armagh still alive, but they were going to need a goal, if not two.

We had a few chances to finish the thing, before Stevie Jones threaded through a sliderule pass, pure playmaker the lad, to Moffatt, who got it to Garvan = six clear and time well up!

Then, a bit of panic as they had a goal from a goalmouth scramble through Ultan Lennon, but it was the last kick. What a night for our club!!!

A fantastic effort. So many fellas did endless graft, chasing, turning opponents back, pickpocketing possession. But Ryan and Deccy just controlled our possession superbly, taking it out and using it. Mickey put out all the usual fires that he’s supposed to put out, and was sniffing to break upfield a few times. Cool the jets Mickey!! Then, Conall Jones just had one of those night’s when he worked like mad (he really did put a shift in), then he nailed just about everything. Great stuff. But Garry McKenna’s workrate and taking the thing on was also very impressive, he has really stepped up this year. So we have an Ulster semi final to get ready for. Wow! 

Harps Notes 23rd Oct 2017

posted 23 Oct 2017, 02:38 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto jackpot, now £2600, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 17, 23, 28 and 29. £20 each went to Vera Corrigan, Boho, Gerry Burns, Boho, and Noel Shaw, Belleek. We are in the Cosy Bar this Sunday night, with Aidy Leonard, Brendy, and Mary Cox on duty.

Good luck to our senior squad and management against Armagh Harps in the Ulster Club quarter final this Saturday evening at 7.00 in Brewster Park. A big support from Harps and Fermanagh supporters would be much appreciated.

Hard luck to our Under 16s who lost out to Kinawley in the League Final on Saturday. Kinawley played very well on the day all over the pitch, with great intensity. The Harps had loads of good, honest effort, but just didn't pull it together as in previous games. We now prepare for our outing in the Spirit of Paul McGirr Ulster Club championship against the Donegal winners, most likely on November 11th.

Canon Maguire Park hosted two league finals on Saturday, thank you to all of the club volunteers who assisted in these events, with special mention to Jonny Cameron who refereed the Under 12 final between Devenish and St Pats very well indeed. Thanks also to those involved in organising the reception in the clubrooms on Sunday evening for the Under 14 and Under 16 girls squads. This was a very nice way to finish off 2017 for this group. They have put in a great effort all year, and had silverware, plus the All Ireland trophy, to show for it.

Finally it was with sadness that Harps members heard of the passing of Pat Geoff Burns in Australia recently, a playing member of the Boho St Fabers 1965 JFC team, and also of Lucy Kelly, nee Cox in Oxfordshire. To the Burns and Kelly families and relatives, sincere condolences.

Harps Notes 16th October 2017

posted 18 Oct 2017, 04:44 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto jackpot, now £2500, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 1, 6, 10 and 19. The £20 winners were Greene Grandchildren, Churchill, Mary Cox, Garrison, and Rose McQuaid, Trillick. We are in Old Pals on Sunday night, represented by Lotto ambassadors Gavin Duffy, John Murphy and Mary Cox.

At time of writing, our Under 16s are likely to be playing in the league final against Kinawley this weekend, please keep an eye on our online output for confirmation on this.

Our next fixture for our seniors, is the Ulster Club quarter final at Brewster Park, which we now know will be against Armagh Harps. This match will be on the evening of Saturday October 28th. Good luck to the lads in their preparations for that.

Harps News 9th Oct 2017

posted 9 Oct 2017, 03:20 by Derrygonnelly Harps

The Harps Lotto jackpot, now £2400, was not won on Sunday night. The numbers were 14, 23, 26 & 30. £20 each went to Kathy McGrath, Belcoo, Brendan McGrath, Belcoo and Siobhan Cosgrove, Maguiresbridge. We are in Doogies this Sunday night, with Adrian McGovern, John Maguire and Mary Cox on Lotto duty.

The numbers on October 2nd were 8, 23, 25 and 29. £20s to Tara McSherry, Belcoo, Sheila Meehan, Derrygonnelly and Mary McHugh, Garrison.

What a great day Sunday was for Fermanagh Ladies, as they had to put together a great effort to win their All Ireland. Every congratulations to the full panel and management, and special mention to Eimear Smyth from our own club.

Our Under 12s, sponsored by Lena's Salon, finished up for the year with two good games against Teemore last Friday. From our club's point of view, we would like to compliment the Teemore management for bringing two teams, giving everyone the opportunity to play Go Games. Thank you also to Garry, Dermot and Davy in particular, plus Frances and all of the other coaches who have helped out around the Under 12s this year. Our Under 16s are awaiting details of the fixture for their Under 16 final against Kinawley. Please keep an eye on our online output for details of this fixture.

Our seniors lost out on Sunday in the league semi-final against a very lively and hardworking St Joseph's side, no complaints. It wasn't for lack of effort that we were beaten.  We now have a number of weeks to get ready for the Ulster Club championship match against the Armagh champions, and good luck to them in their preparations for that.

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